The Love Story Media, Inc. Presents:

The Journaling Showcase Series

Immerse yourself in the awakening presence of live, community-inspired, creative expression.

Intimate and interactive showcases that bring together artists and journal artists alike to discover, share, and transform stories of personal pain into a Love Story through live performance-inspired journaling and spoken word-open mic nights.

Share Heart & Art

The Love Story Showcase Journaling Series is designed to heal individuals from the pain of heartbreak, trauma, mental health struggles, and emotional distress of any kind through creative expression. During this healing process, you will be inspired by others, strengthened through your realizations, and supported by a community of journal artists like you.

Each showcase is carefully curated, crafted, and co-created for every audience member to journal and interact with artists and live artistic performances so that we may collectively feel, deal, and heal.

Artist Inspired

We feature soul-stirring artists who have turned their stories of pain into passion. It is through artists’ gripping testimonies and guidance on heartbreak, loss, life, intimacy, beauty, and pain that operate at the heart of transforming everyday people into extraordinary journal-artists. Our artists lead us through an awakening personal journey to help us discover our inner selves.

The Love Story Journal Vol. 3 [Print Diary]

Your ticket includes The Love Story Journal Volume 3, a diary for you to transform pain into creative expression, with portraits inside that will augment into video docs, using AR technology, thanks to our sponsors at Live Portrait.

The Virtual Showcase is in Three Parts:

  • Part I: Artist Performance & Audience Journaling [Morning Time = Yang (Sun)]
  • Part II: Silent Auction to Support Mental Health [Grace —The time in between]
  • Part II: Candlelight Audience Open Mic & Resonating [Evening Time =Ying (Moon)]

Morning Artist Performance & Audience Journaling

Share Art & Heart

During the 90 minute showcase, one of the 13 artists will share their pain to passion testimonies with the theme of inevitable change, and perform with introductions, intermediate comments, questions, and journal prompts for audience journal-artists to begin journaling from. Audiences become Journal-Artists, who are creative writers who journal their truth inside fiction. Journal-Artists will be presented with journaling prompts to journal from during the live concert.

Silent Auction for NGO Mission

Pay it Forward

Bid from an e-menu of curated gifts. 100% of proceeds provide free journaling resources to those in need.

Evening Candlelight Open Mic

Express your unfiltered thoughts in poetry, music, and spoken word.

Leave filters out the door. This is an intimate occasion for real talk. We’ll express heartbreaks, death, loss, life, intimacy, beauty, pain, and the full spectrum of who we are as human beings.