About The Showcase

Artist Performance

The showcase will begin with the performance of 1 of the 13 artists featured in our “inevitable change” series. The artist will perform songs based off of their own creative expression. All of our artist have found a way to turn their own personal heart break into beautiful fictional stories. We call this “Breaking your heart open”. We will be putting writing prompts up during the performance so the audience can participate in our creative writing experience. This Performance will take up to an hour and a half

Audience Journaling

When these prompts go up for the audience during the performance we want the audience to join us in the “break your heart open” process. We provide a safe community filled with others who have felt the same kind of heart break. We encourage everyone to participate in our creative writing exercises to help learn how to express yourself through journaling. We will then give you time after the concert is over to gather your thoughts and edit your writing before you decide to share.

Candle Lit After Party

We will be hosting a candle lit after party with the tight-knit audience and artists. This event will take place a few hours after the artist performance is over. This will give our audience time to gather their thoughts and edit their creative journals they have made from the prompts. We will encourage everyone to share what they have written down. Not everyone has to participate, they may watch and listen. We have found that expressing ones heartbreak in an intimate group helps everyone break their hearts open. Everyone will be given an artistic platform with a chance to express themselves, ask questions to the other audience members, engage with artists themselves, and/or anything they desire. It is important that anyone who is struggling does not do it alone.

Inevitable Change Journal

All who buy tickets to this Journaling artist showcase will receive a free inevitable change journal. This Journal will contain exerts from all our artist who have found themselves through journaling in fiction. All Proceeds from the tickets will be used to donate the journals to those of us struggling with mental health challenges.