“Broken Open”

Broken open is about wearing your heart on your sleeve and expressing that which is deep in your heart–the wounds, the hurt, the anxiety, the fear and… the love.

Love Confessions:

Broken Open is about love confessions.

When the pain and pleasure principles are one in the same–when the intermingling becomes so deep that it scares you to a point of wanting to leave (quote Sylvie Barnett), when you can paint their face so vividly (Lorna), and perhaps it’s not a no, but a not now.

Perhaps the lesson learned in this broken open showcase is patience with the process. Like Ryan Hurtgen’s heart, it’s about being perfect in your imperfections, and Rory ‘O Connell, about pursuing what you love doing.

Fear comes from being afraid of your own light. This showcase is dedicated to Chi Szeto and Alejandra, two amazing artists who wanted the world to be more broken open. These are our heArtists.

Tell the person you love that you love them, even if it is unreciprocated, confess it unapologetically, express it with passion, and commit to the word in action.

Witnessing my friend confess her love to the person she loves through spoken word was just as romantic as sending the person you love food while he’s at work to remind him how special he is to you. As special as reconciling with your sister and seeing her perform her pain to passion artistic expression live in front of the people she loves.

My colleagues witnessed the intimacy, my sister witnessed the Why of our mission, and perhaps a friend had begun falling in love somewhere in the showcase.

No filters. Just truth straight from the heart, like anti-venom.

-MJ, Showcase Producer

Special Thanks to:

Christina Banks, Ryan Hurtgen, and Amber Zhai



“You Ever Cared About Someone So Deeply that You Want to Tell Them Never Talk to You Ever Again?”

by Sylvie Barnett



“Paper Mache” by Lorna Alkana

Ryan Hurtgen from Perfect Beings and Ben Levin on the Drums

Rory O’ Connell, Bristol to Memory

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