“Conscious Men”

Concious Men

The Love Story “Break Your Heart Open” Fundraiser

Purpose: Providing Video Cards and The Love Story Journals to The Positive Results Corporation and the Students and Animo Watts High School

Update: We provided 50 video cards + 3 Journals to The Positive Results Corporation for their anti-bullying workshops.

Date: February 3, 2017

Location: Lyric Hyperion Theatre

Program Theme:  “Conscious Men

“They give of themselves, their fears, their bondage, and their hopes, for they know in sharing these they are set free to smile deeper and cleaner.”

Jordan Kozey


kweisi gharreau "Black Men"


kweisi gharreau headlines the performance, “Black Man,” as a tribute to Lamont, his little brother, who was gunned down in Chicago. “Black Man” is also the product of Rage transformed into Spoken Word and a creative critique on black on black violence.

DJ Qwess Coast, "Sunflower"

DJ Qwess Coast, MC, DJ, and Author, performs “Sunflower” and highlights the culture of what we consume.

Kiyoshi Shelton, "My Tribe" and "Get Up"


Kiyoshi Shelton, MC, Poet, and Conscious Hip Hop Artist, brings light to unity and the universality of human beings.

Mingjie, "Break Your Heart Open" Introduction

Mingjie “MJ” Zhai, founder & producer of The Love Story Media, Inc., shares the backstory of what inspired her to found and produce The Love Story.

Kandee Lewis, Founder of The Positive Results Corporation

Kandee Lewis, Executive Director of The Positive Corporation, shares how her experience with depression transformed the way she approached her career. She went from the corporate world to the social impact service industry by providing anti-bullying workshops to the students at Animo Watts High School. The important work is to provide self empowerment for students who deal with bullying and being bullied.

J Brave "Walls Fall Down"

J Brave performs “Walls Fall Down”

MC, poet, activist for peace, and visionary of the conscious Hip Hop collective Luminaries, J Brave’s greatest gift is his ability to bring people together for the greater good. As one of the three vocalist of Luminaries, his band has toured the
world spreading messages of peace & unity through the vehicle of music, and as an expression of service. J Brave produces a weekly conscious club night, titled the “Luminous Movement” where party goers come to celebrate with intention, and are treated to some of the best in Bass, Dubstep, Roots, and live band performers at Zanzibar in Santa Monica. “We are all luminous beings having a human experience” says Brave, who is always reminding himself and others to awaken to our inner truth, and activate into our highest potential as beacons of light. As C.E.O. of Lu Fam Pro, which is the band’s rapidly evolving label, and production company, he is visioning a large scale festival to expand the mission, and further enhance the constant message of unconditional love.

About J Brave

Destiny Muse, "Ghosted"

Destiny Muse, poet, author, and spoken word artist, co-host to The Love Story Spoken Word “Conscious Men” show, performs her poem,  “Ghosted.”

Anna Maguire, "Art is Not Meant to be Beautiful"

Anna Maguire, Poet and Writer, recites her poem, “Art is Not Meant to be Beautiful” from her book, “Searching For the City of Love.”

Shak'ar Mujukian, "Texts"

Shak’ar Mujukian, poet, writer, and publisher recites his “Text.”

Shophar, "Ledge of Allegiance"

Shophar, poet and energy healer, sheds his frustration through “Ledge of Allegiance.”

Dahlak Leon, "Spirit Trials (excerpt): One Time x The Good One."

Dahlak Leon is a writer, poet, MC, and actor, performed an excerpt of his poem, “Spirit Trials (excerpt): One Time x The Good One.”
You can find his brilliance at www.thisisdahlak.com.

Chaim Dunbar, "Where Are the Men" (An Excerpt)

Chaim Dunbar, writer, director, fitness coach and actor, performs his poem, “Where Are the Men?”
You can find his brilliance at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0241821/

For the full performance, produced by Akira Chan of Rare Media


Renee Joi, "Passing Through"

Renee Joi is a singer and songwriter and she performs her song, “Passing Through” with sign language.

You can find her brilliance at https://soundcloud.com/reneejoionline and https://www.reneejoi.com/music

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