Showcase Producers

Executive Producer

Mingjie “MJ” Zhai

is a multimedia storyteller and founder of The Love Story Media, Inc. She’s a lean entrepreneur hustler, an artist disguised as a business woman.

You can find her blogging and showcasing on

Associate Producers

Destiny Muse

“Conscious Men” Showcase

Destiny Muse is a poet, writer, and spoken word artist.

“The Love Story is the silence when everything around you seems too loud. The freedom to feel honestly and to heal on your own terms. Hope. Resilience. Survival. Love.”-Destiny Muse

You can find her at

Megan Dooley

“The Butterfly Effect” Showcase

Megan Dooley is an actress, a spoken word artist, and a transformer/advocate for women.

kweisi gharreau

“The Butterfly Effect” Showcase

kweisi gharreau is a spoken word artist, an author, and a publicist.

You can find him at


Skyler Shelley

“Forgive to Live” Showcase

Skyler Shelley is an actress, a writer, and a comedian.


Madilyn Lee

“Forgive to Live” Showcase

Madilyn Lee is a journalist, a writer, and a spoken word artist.